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    Weapon Fusion - Omnious

    I have used as much Google-fu as I could, but not able to find an answer ...

    I am trying to add the Omnious weapon fusion effect to an attack. "Intimidation" does nothing as a critical effect like the others critical type (Type : S;Wound).

    I am out of ideas if you can help me.

    Thanks !

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    Well, other than the Item Forge to add the fusion to your weapon, add the Critical Effect of ";Intimidation" to your weapon's damage type. This does nothing but remind you to apply the effect action that you create. This action would be "Shaken" with a 1d4 dragged to the dice spot of the Duration line and "Rnd" selected for units. Whenever you critical hit, if that is the only critical effect, apply it to the target. If it isn't, decide which to use and apply as desired (e.g. probably would remove the standard critical effect from the weapon and create a new action of the appropriate type and apply as desired.
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