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    AudioOverseer (Audio Management Extension)

    If you're having issues with extension please read this post first on making sure you have correct extension installed.

    Notice: FGU is adding support for Syrinscape in-house. This means AO will be duplicating similar work and because of that I will be phasing out AO and discontinuing updates once their system goes live.

    I've put together an extension called AudioOverseer that allows you to control sound for a higher level of immersion in your FantasyGrounds games. It should work on CoreRPG layered rulesets (I've tested with 2E and 5E). It leans heavily on the Syrinscape Fantasy & Online Player. If/when sound support is added into FGU directly I'll integrate that functionality.

    AudioOverseer Features
    • Manage sounds (via links).
    • Filter/search all sounds (triggers and collections).
    • Trigger Sounds based on text that appears in chat. (set sound, linked sounds or a random sound from a list of sounds).
    • Collections of Sounds to play a group of sounds for a specific ambient theme.
    • General sounds and Collections have links that can be conveniently placed into story entries, chat or object descriptions where it can be clicked to play the audio.
    • Supports Syrinscape Online & Fantasy Player.
    • Import options for Syrinscape link file (can be downloaded)
    • Export all records so you can use them in other campaigns as a module.

    Notes Regarding how Triggers Work

    • Triggers should generally assume that the matches will be in close proximity in chat lines.
    • Once a trigger is fired, the previous match tracking will be reset.
    • It will not cross match multiple triggers because of the previous note.
    • Repeat matches within a trigger will reset tracking of a trigger.
    • Single line matching also works.

    What AO DOESN'T do.
    Fantasy Grounds does not natively support playing sound files. Because of that...The system assumes you stream/push the audio to the players either using something like Syrinscape Online or VLC Stream or Cleanfeed.org.

    If you would like to see even more features added to AudioOverseer, while using Syrinscape, such as the ability to adjust volume of specific sound link or looping, repeat, playback count, or random play repeat timers then visit the Syrinscape forums and request they add the ability to add those options into the API url calls. I've made requests for those features but they declined each of them.

    Perhaps they will acquiesce to the suggestions if more folks than I request them.

    The GitLab repository for the most current version of the project (Beta) can be found here: https://gitlab.com/FGProjects/public.../audiooverseer

    I put together and introductory video of AudioOverseer.

    I am hoping someone in the community can put together art assets for the buttons at least. For now there are some generic buttons of the 5e style. They can be tied to a specific ruleset type if a ruleset developer would generate a button.

    Here is a short video on how to create a "Collection" using AudioOverseer.

    Collections are a group of sounds that play in a persistent fashion (typically) so you can have a combination of various ambient sounds. In the example case I use, in the Elemental Plane of Air... so wind, lightning, gusts along with a bit of music that plays.


    Here is another short tutorial video on how I make "Sound Boards" using sound links provided in AudioOverseer.


    How I setup Triggers in AudioOverseer to play sounds based on text that appears in chat.


    If you find any bugs or have suggestions please post them here.

    Here is a image of the layout and feature locations.

    (the above is a screenshot of from within the pre-release version of FGU running AudioOverseer)

    If you are using Syrinscape Online Player be sure to add your token via "/ao token XXXXX" where XXXXX is the token you get from the Syrinscape My Account page.

    If you are using the Syrinscape Fantasy (local player) you will need to set SOURCE to SOURCE 1. If you are using the Syrinscape Online Player you need to set your SOURCE to SOURCE 2 in Campaign options.

    MAC/Apple users. Please review this post. It might help you.

    Linux users, check out this discussion on URI support.

    If you are using a MAC there is a optional method you can use if the above doesn't work. You'll need to set the method option via "/ao method local". This sends commands through your browser as currently the Syrinscape Online player for mac does not have that functionality.

    If you are using the Syrinscape Online Player web interface to copy "sound paths" you must manually remove the "?auth_token=XXX" part of that string. It is HIGHLY recommended to not manually add sounds in this manner, download the CSV file and import them.

    Lastly, if you plan to create your own trigger/collection and sound link modules please read this post describing how best to do that.

    If you are still having problems:
    • Download the latest version and remove all "folders" of the same name of this extension in the extensions folder.
    • Disable ALL OTHER EXTENSIONS except AudioOverseer.
    • If triggering sounds is a problem, make sure GM rolls are set to SHOW in Campaign Settings.
    • Enable debug output "/ao debug enable"
    • Type "/console"
    • If Trigger issues: Type the text in chat of the trigger you'd like to activate and review the debug output.
    • If still Trigger or general sounds not playing: Click "Play" on a sound. (click a sound link)
    • Review that output to see why sound is not playing.
    • Verify you are using the right source in your configuration. Source 1 for Player, Source 2 for Online
    • If you are still unable to resolve why your sound isn't playing copy the output from the Console.
    • Create a post here and paste the console output into in with your question.
    • Note the operating system, version of FG (FGU or FGC), ruleset and version of ruleset and exact procedure you are trying to play a sound.

    Make sure to backup your campaign files to make sure your data is safe before using this extension.

    I've included a sample module that contains some examples of triggers and collections along with the Syrinscape Online Player "Free" version sound links.

    Use the forge link to download. You can send a donation to the creator if you like this tool.
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    Nice work!

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    Yay! Thanks for putting this together. I'll start using it tonight.

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    Wow - this is very cool celestian. I've been concerned about this and moving over to FGU without having anything compatible. Thanks so much for doing this!

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    thank you so much

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    I've been thinking of using sound in my game. This looks very promising.

    Query: If I fireball a dozen mobs, will it play a saving throw sound for each target? Will it pause chat for each target?
    Fantasy Grounds Unity Lives! Good job, Smiteworks!

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    I really like the search functions and the chat triggers. Really looking forward to the syrinscape online function. I dont really like messing with the voicemeter stuff.

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    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to celestian again."

    Bummer. Thanks a lot Celestian, you're godlike!

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    Coming up huge after a similar extension just recently died! You're my hero.

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