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    LFP: SW The Last Parsec: Eris Beta V. New Long Term Campaign. Wed 6:30 EST

    License: Ultimate
    System: Savage Worlds
    Theme: Science Fiction
    Campaign: Eris Beta V Plot Point Campaign
    When: Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST
    Start: Feb 5 (soon)
    Voice and Text: Discord

    We are looking for one or two people that would fit in well with our group and can show up consistently for several months to a year.

    Right now we have 3 players with 1 coming in in about a month. We would like to start with 4 or 5, but will start on the 5th regardless.

    We do kind of RP-Lite, where RP is not required but is rewarded. Most of our chat is OOC with side trips for bad jokes and blather, but we do try to interact with the game IC and according to our Hindrances and Abilities.

    Experience with SW and FG is a plus but not required, they are easy to learn and we don't mind helping. What is more inportant is a good attitude and willingness to show up.

    PM me if interested
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    To add to Victor's post above, we also run one shots about once a month on Saturday evenings from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. In fact, I plan on running The Eye of Kilquato on February 15th.

    As for genres, we run a variety... The Last Parsec, East Texas University, Deadlands Reloaded, Tyrnador, Beasts & Barbarians, Wiseguys, and Daring Tales of Adventure are the settings that I prefer to run. I'm also a big fan of the stuff that Just Insert Imagination, Atomic Ninja Studios, and 12 to Midnight puts out.
    Ultimate License - Savage Worlds GM

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    We've begun Eris Beta-V and are still looking for a couple of players to add to our group. Please contact Victor above if interested.
    Ultimate License - Savage Worlds GM

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    what genre is Eris Beta V?? sounds kinda space stuff

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    You are correct! It is a sci-fi campaign!

    Ultimate License - Savage Worlds GM

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    Is there still an opening for this?

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    I'm down if there are any spots open still!

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