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    I just restarted and that didn't help. Given that my original post was OS 10.15.2 and now it is 10.15.3 leads me to believe that it had to have restarted, whether I did or not.

    I went into ~/Library/Containers and looked for anything with smiteworks or fantasygrounds, but didn't see anything. I'm assuming there should be something there. com.smiteworks.fantasygrounds or something similar. If it should be there and is not, that might be interesting.

    To answer your question about the updater, its behavior seems reasonable, but I notice a couple of things: it always downloads the updater. This may be by design (for now or always), but it seems like whatever call is being made to see if updates are available would tell it whether a new updater is truly available, so maybe an issue there. Also, the log file always seems to indicate it's looking for and _OLD file, but never finds it. Maybe as designed, but worth mentioning.

    Correct. 12 .ppk files in there. I don't know the system, but I was thinking it might look in the vault first before downloading a new one (for when I've deleted the .ppk file from rulesets to test scenarios), but it doesn't seem to be doing that.

    I could try to uninstall and reinstall in the standard place, but I was hoping to avoid that test since it's likely I'll have to try it a few times to verify behavior.

    I'm happy to help resolve--just let me know how I can best help.

    I've been working on making a new installer for OSX, and I'm now suspecting that this may be related to your Catalina version and my build tools/xcode version.
    I'm hoping that once I update everything (we may or may not have to update Unity version for this, which would take some team coordination), and get a new build out, we should resolve your issues.
    I'm working on this now and will keep you posted asap.

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    Sounds good! Let me know if I can be of any help.

    Thanks again!

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