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    PFS2 interest check for the 8th/9th

    Would there be players interested in PFS2 scenarios and/or quests on SAT February 8th or SUN February 9th?

    If yes, please indicate whether you could make the following timeslots (around 4 hours, start time +-1 hour):

    1. SAT 8 AM UTC

    2. SAT 6.30 PM UTC

    3. SUN 8 AM UTC

    4. SUN 1.30 PM UTC

    It would also help if you could indicate which scenarios/quests you already played (shortform 1-[00-11], Q[1-5] is enough, if it is easier you can also state which ones you haven't played yet). Note that I'll have to avoid some scenarios/quests (especially the more recent ones) in order to play them before I GM them.

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    I'd be able to make any of those timeslots except the first one.
    I have already played Q1, Q2, Q4, and will play Q3, Q5, and Q6 in the near future (although Q5 is not that near, so I might play that if you offer it)
    As for scenarios, I have palyed 1-00, 1-01, 1-02, 1-03, 1-04, 1-06, 1-07, 1-08, and 1-09.

    Q1, Q4, 1-01, and 1-06 are repeatable, so those I could also play although I already have played them.
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    I might get a chance to play 1-05 this weekend, so that might be an option for next week then.

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