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Thread: Runequest 6

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    There is a rudimentary sheet that is very much a WIP (and progress is ongoing but stalled a little recently). Feel free to have a play about with it.
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    where does the .xml file go?

    I ran that extension and it does nothing, its just vanilla Morecore with no new features, what is the purpose of that extension?
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    the extension was the code that enabled the sheet to auto calc the base skills into the base on the attached sheet. As stated before it is now rolled into Morecore but originally it was not. The extension is attached for reference if you wish to pull it apart for use with RiG (which i do not know well enough to say if it will be useful)

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    Its a character sheet - import it into a MoreCore campaign and have a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Its a character sheet - import it into a MoreCore campaign and have a try.
    oh, thanks, now I understand.

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