Let me start by saying, if this already exists, please point me to it. Thanks!

Ok, so I'm looking for an extension that ties to the in-game calendar that let's me schedule event reminders for specific days and also advances to the next day when the party takes a long rest. I have party members custom order items and other things from shops pretty regularly. I also have temples that are effectively banks that can hold your money for a small fee and issue notes of credit (write checks) for you to use to buy items without having to carry around those small mounds of pesky silver and copper coins the dragon had in its hoard. These temples also rent out vault space (storage unit or safety deposit box) by the week or month. It's these things that I sometimes have trouble keeping track of. It would be so great if an extension could advance the day on long rest and pop-up a small reminder that X's item is complete today or that Y's vault expires today. Thanks again if anyone already has an extension for this or builds one.