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    LFP: DnD5E Need 1 Player for Tomb of Annihilation - Saturdays 7pm - 11pm EST

    Established group looking for one player for Tomb of Annihilation on Saturdays 7pm - 11pm EST. We are using modified meat grinder rules for this campaign. The higher your level, the higher the death save DC. You should have ample opportunity to play different characters.

    Characters are 1st level and ready to head out into the jungle, so the fun is just about to begin.

    We are looking for a player with some Fantasy Grounds experience. If your interested, reply here and I'll be in touch.

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    Good evening. my name is Grant. I have a little D&D experience and have some experience with fantasy grounds. I would love to join your campaign. I only have the demo licence for fantasy grounds. I'm from South Africa. If you have room for me to join your party and if you are ok with me just having the demo licence for fantasy grounds then please let me know.


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    if you got room, I wouldnt mind playing either. My name is Matt, I usually play support characters that heal. Paladin, Cleric, etc. Let me know if you have an extra slot. Thanks for your time. I have a standard FG edition.

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    In case you have room, I'm very interested. I played LMoP, HotDQ and ROT in Fantasy Grounds on Saturday nights last year. Lots of fun. Open to playing whatever the party needs. Opportunity is appreciated.

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    Thanks everyone for your interest, I have filled the spot, however if something opens up, I'll send you a private message before reposting.

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