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    Saturday Evening (UK) Everywhen One Shots

    FG License: Ultimate, anyone can play
    Game System: Everywhen

    Time Zone: UK (currently GMT/UTC +0)
    Day of week and time: Saturdays 1800/1900
    If new game, planned start date: Ongoing one shots, dates as agreed below
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3 to 4 hour one shot sessions, one or two times a month.
    Term: Single one shot sessions

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Software as agreed for the session
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: likely 50/50, but might swing 10%(ish) either way
    Number of Players in game & needed: 3 to 5
    Character starting level & equipment: Starting characters as per the setting rules
    Character restrictions: As per the setting rules

    Details of your scenario: I'll run one shot scenarios of Neonpunk Crysis, Blood Sundown, Red Venus, Gloom Town (a steampunk dystopia set in London), The Colony (Martian survivors of the "Fourth Horseman" pandemic attempt to reclaim Earth), Dogs of W*A*R (covert adventure and gung-ho thrills of the 70s and 80s), Pulse-Pounding Pulp! (enough said!) or any other settings as agreed. If applicable to the setting the Darkness: Supernatural Creatures or Manimals: Anthropomorphic Characters supplements can be used.
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    Everywhen brings the action and adventure of the Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL:ME) roleplaying system to all times and places!

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    I am definitely interested in trying out Everywhen. The settings/genres I would be most interested in trying would be Red Venus (I own this one), Gloom Town, The Colony, and Pulse-Pounding Pulp!. Also, I would be interested in how Everywhen might handle
    Dark Sun and various other Post-Apoc settings (Mad Max, Thundarr, etc...).


    P.S. I might be able to get a couple of more to play, I'll check with them.

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    I had hoped to see a bit more interest in this. It's a tough time slot for me, but I could make it happen at least some of the time.

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    I'm a UK player and love one-shots, I've got a quality mic and I'd be very much up for this!

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