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    Hi everyone

    There will be major updates to rulesets in the end of november/start of december.
    This is to let you all know I will start testing the Genesys/Star Wars rulesets against the beta build for FGUnity this week.

    My intention is to have a smooth transition, as soon as FG updates the rulesets to the live build, for us to have no issues.

    So this may delay things a little bit, depending on whether i find any bugs i need to fix.
    The good thing is that usually I dont expect a lot of issues, since from the beginning I tried very hard not to change core stuff, and make the rulesets design following some suggestions and best practices from FG, but there are still a few parts where I had to customize.

    Here is the official post:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mossfoot View Post
    Hopefully all goes well
    Oh yes, I can tell that I am pleased.
    The only real issues I had were small.

    Two error messages: one related to the customization I did on the /export window (easy to fix, I am only deciding how to make), another simple one with the module activation window.

    All issues are fixed, I am only making sure I can still make this change not break FGClassic usage, and I am now adding back the stuff I did to the export window.

    I am checking a few more code, but nothing is broken

    The only issue is that these changes do not currently work on Live, only on the test FGU. I think Smiteworks will move this to Live in about a week, but if they delay, I can disable a couple of lines of code and release another update with some stuff i am working on

    The good thind is that everyone can rest assured both rulesets are ready for the big update

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    Thank you so much for all your work on this making all our game nights and days using Genesys and Star wars possible and future update proof.

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