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    Updated Libraries

    Age of Rebellion Libraries
    • Add Fully Operational Source Book.

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    Quick update:

    I have made both Genesys and Star Wars rulesets available on the new FG Forge website:

    They are still the same versions that I provided previously. The new updates will come soon...

    Moving forward, the rulesets will be provided directly from the Forge, so they will be updated automatically if you use FG Unity.
    For those still on FG Classic, I will continue to provide them in the previous google drive link (for as long as I can maintain the rulesets compatible with Classic)

    Also @sevrick, for now I think it is best we keep the Library files in google drive. I will still work on that solution for keeping description fields synced somewhere (to make it easier for you to export them without descriptions and users to sync their descriptions with updated library files)
    So I still dont know if moving the modules to the Forge is a good idea, but I will talk about this more with you later on.

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    Automatic updates for this? Yes please!

    Thanks a lot. Can't wait for the next updates!

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    This is awesome.

    Also looking forward to next update!

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    Future Update Idea: When a character token enters a personal vehicle it would be great if it's token was automatically switched to the token of the vehicle and back again. No fuss about switching back and forth, just enter, vehicle token. Exit, personal token.

    Thanks again for all your doing for this project Johniba. You too Sevrick!

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    Johniba, Sevrick, fantastic work and my deepest thanks! Digital Genesys has been really critical during this CV-19 lock-down, they need to hire you folks to build their official content.

    Not sure if I've tried downloading from forge while y'all are doing an update, but as of right now the Star Wars forge link lists 'no item.'
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