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    My whole computer at random intervals

    I'm taking part in a Pathfinder game, but have been having a problem with my computer crashing occasionally when I try to do certain things in Fantasy Grounds.
    Most often this happens when I'm moving around or resizing windows, but I can't seem to see any connection beyond that. The first night I played my whole computer just quit without warning (no slowdown, no error messages, etc) twice. The next week it didn't crash at all, and this week was the same as the first.
    I'm running FG from a Toshiba Sattelite with an Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM. My OS is Windows 10, 64-bit version. Nothing else but FG crashes my computer like this.

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    Hi poseidon, welcome to FG.

    With only 4Gb of RAM on your computer you are going to have memory issues if your DM shares a lot of stuff. Being a 32 bit application FG can only utilise the first couple of MB and you will start to see issues at around the 1.5 Gb memory used or so. Ask your DM to share as little as possible with you both modules and images.
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    Welcome to the FG forums poseidon97! Sorry you're having issues...

    With a 64-bit operating system FG should be able to run with up to and a little over 3GB of memory use, but as your computer only has 4GB of memory it will be slow as the operating system will probably need to use virtual memory and swap memory out to disk.

    However, can you describe what is actually happening? What do you mean by "quit without warning"?

    When you have issues is there anything written to the Windows application event viewer for FantasyGrounds.exe or anything else at the time you had an issue? You can look at this retroactively to see if there is anything from when you had previous issues (if you have a good idea of the time the issue occurred).
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