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    LFG 1 Player, Weeknight Mon-Fri GMT+0 7:00pm to max 11:30pm D&D 5e (EN or PT)

    Edit 2: Nvm, still LFG
    Edit: Found a group!


    I'm looking to join a group, ongoing or fresh start!

    About myself:
    29 y/o
    English and Portuguese speaker
    Living in Portugal
    Web Dev
    Experienced as a player and a few sessions(8~10) as DM here on FG, i have all the D&D 5e Essencials bought.
    I love getting attached to the characters from and arround the group. The plot mystery keeps me hooked.

    What i'm looking for:
    Weeknight session in EU. I'm available from 7:00PM to 11:30PM(GMT+0 London/Lisbon)
    Friendly, Chill and passionate group/DM
    Prefer long-term campaigns but i don't mind shorter ones
    Balanced gameplay when it comes to rp, combat, politics, backgrounds, etc. That being said i don't mind several sessions of only X type of activity. I've done it before and i'm 100% fine with it. Done multiple sessions with RP only.

    Need a player? Feel free to post down below or DM me on Discord: Clonage#3748
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