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    HeroForge Kickstarter


    This might interest some of you out there. I just got informed of a Hero Forge kickstarter that is featuring colored custom mini's (no paint!) In addition they are offering a colored Token Maker for the same custom mini's.


    Hero Forge Kickstarter

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    FG is even featured (though not named) in the video and screenshots when they talk about the token maker!

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    I love Hero Forge! Greek and Roman sculpture and painting inspire their artwork and models. Their clothing options draw from Renaissance motifs as well as influences from the Ming dynasty and Samurai culture. Hero Forge creates inspired assets.

    I'd love to see WotC reward Sky Castle Studios with a license agreement similar to the one enjoyed by SmiteWorks. Ideally, a WotC license would give Hero Forge the right to create, have ownership of, and sell digital prints and miniatures of D&D-specific monsters like the beholder. I think that if Hero Forge were to get a WotC license, they might be amenable to extending their permissions to creators on DMs Guild.

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