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    Wraith Damage resistance issue double resistance vs. non-magical

    Anyone have an idea how to cdoe the Wraiths Resistance...specifically the double resistance vs non-magical

    Resistances all 5 (except force, ghost touch, or positive; double resistance vs. non-magical)


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    Give it two separate resistances?

    EDIT: Alternatively, give it 10 points of resistance and a 5 point weakness to magic.
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    I was trying to use:

    IF: DMGTYPE:!magic; RESIST:5 all

    but RESIST does not seem to stack (and my IF statement might not even work anyways. Will there be more unctionality of this sort added?


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    Quote Originally Posted by EmptyOwl View Post
    IF: DMGTYPE:!magic; RESIST:5 all
    IF statements don't work like that - they only look at conditions on the source (for IF) or target (for IFT).

    As mentioned in the Effects Wiki page, use ! for exceptions in the RESIST statement. For example: RESIST: 5 all, !magic

    The plan is to allow coding for most commonly encountered situations, but we're not there just yet
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