I tried to run an in-person game using Unity today and had mixed results. I understand that it's not ready for live play yet, but thought maybe my experiences would be helpful, even if many of them are not repeatable reports. We were all on Windows, playing with 5e (Curse of Strahd campaign, PHB, and Xanathar's loaded). I have an ultimate license, they were all first time FG users running demo licenses. I had my server set up as a local server, on the public server list.

My intent was to have my players connect and maintain character sheets in FGU, and I would run maps and tokens on a TV, but run combat and rolls on the table. All 3 players were able to connect with their demo licenses, but each of them had multiple crashes (several Blue Screens of Death, a couple losses of connection, one requiring a reboot to reset the connection). One player gave up after multiple blue screens and we just had one player doing most of the player token movements. It seemed like after dropping to only 2 players, the connections stabilized.

Line of sight worked... intermittently. Tokens seemed to only occasionally reveal the map. They would work for a time, then there would appear to be a wall or something where there shouldn't be, for example a hallway in Death House just ended and I couldn't identify why. Moving tokens through it did not seem to change anything, though now when I go back in with no players connected everything seems fine. It could have been connection based I suppose, though I thought all those calculations would be taking place on my computer.

Aside from those issues, it worked pretty well. Overall the software seems to still be much slower than FG Classic, and connection stability is of course an issue, but the basics worked all right. If there's any further info I can give to help identify the source of these issues, let me know.