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    Using Extensions And Modules In FGU

    Was just wondering if/when the Modules and Extensions we use (like Rob's Stuff) will be available for use in FGU? Or can you use them now? Is there a list anywhere of ones we SHOULDN'T use for FGU?

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    You'll need to test modules bought from a third party source to see if they work yourself.

    Same goes for extensions, really. Unity isn't in its final state yet; so I assume most extension builders (at least those thatt intend to make their extensions work in Unity) will be waiting for the code to finalise before trying to get their extension to work.

    There is no list. As with all third party content and extensions you use at your own risk.
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    Modules should generally work just fine, though some might need minor adjustments. Official modules will be supported and updated for FGU as necessary (mainly to support added features of FGU like LoS) and many already have been. Some rulesets still have some problems, as I understand it, but work is ongoing.

    For extensions, some might already work, some will need adjustments, and some might even need to be re-written. It's hard to say while FGU is in beta, since the platform is still being developed and changing. I'm sure the extension creators are thinking about this, but many are probably holding off for now until FGU is released, so they don't waste effort in programming for a moving target. The best info about this for each extension will be in those individual extensions' own forum threads.

    Installing modules and extensions in FGU works the same as in FGC, so if you're in the beta you can try out whatever extensions and modules you have in FGU and see what happens. As with anything in a beta, YMMV.

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    All of Rob's coding stuff that I have tried in FGU has worked so far.

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