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Thread: New GM for M&M

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    New GM for M&M

    Howdy everyone!

    I'm starting up a game of M&M because I've always wanted to run a superhero game. We're doing character creation tonight and while pouring over the ruleset in FG, I noticed some differences with this and, say, D&D. Obviously, this is to be expected. But I was a little thrown by things like there not appearing to be a PC button to see player characters. Am I maybe missing something? Are there any tips for someone running this system on FG?

    Thanks for any help and assistance.

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    Its an older ruleset - there are quite a few differences.
    There are a couple of posts with some tips if you search.

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    Some buttons won’t be the large buttons but will be smaller buttons in the top right.
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    Any chance I could jump in. Never played M&M but Super heroes are my Favorite setting
    Be Well,

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    Ditto. I would love to find a regular game.

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    This game looking for any new players? New to M&M but old player of many systems.


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