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    LFG 1 Player LF Evening Game Sun or Mon CST US Time Zone prefer PF or SW. New to FG

    FG License: Currently on the Ultimate License
    Time Zone:CST (UTC -6)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I'd like to try and find a weekly game on Monday or Sunday evenings CST. Earlier in the day isn't much of a problem but I can't join games that start too late in the evening.
    Term: I like to play longer term games
    Voice: I can jump in through discord or I can download whatever software the game requires. I'm flexible.

    Game System Preferred: Pathfinder 1st ed. Is what I know the absolute best, though I'd love to get in on a SW game. But top priority is finding a game.
    Game System Experience: Extensive Pathfinder 1st ed. Experience. I've been playing it for 8 years and have a good idea of how most things work now. I've managed to join a couple SW games and have a basic understanding of most of the systems from d20 to Saga to the FF system. I don't have much with the d6 but willing to learn. I've played in a couple 5e and AD&D 2e games. Also I've played: Cypher System, Mutants and Masterminds, Godlike, Heroes Unlimited, Legend of the Five Rings (not sure which edition it was), Kids on Bikes, and a few others here and there
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Brand new to FG. I've never used the system before though I have experience with Roll20.

    Character Type Preferred:I'll throw in whatever the group needs though I tend towards support roles like clerics or buff wizards in Fantasy settings.

    About me: I'm 32 years old and unlike many I didn't get into the hobby until much later in life. I've been playing since around 2011 (mostly Pathfinder). And have tried numerous groups both good and bad over that period of time. I try to do a balance between combat and roleplaying though the specific percentage tends to vary from character to character as the more social personas tend to do more of the rping than the less sociable. In general a good mix is appreciated. Any thing specific and I'd be happy to try and answer here or through discord.

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    If anyone has an opening on either of those days I am adding my Discord below if you want more information about me or my play s


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    Still looking if anyone has any open games.

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    I have a recent opening in a new campaign I'm looking to start. One of my players dropped out.

    We are running Pathfinder 1st edition. We are starting up the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, so if you are interested in doing some piracy stuff and can be a consistent player we would love to have you. Hopefully you haven't already played through the campaign. We just finished running Rise of the Runelords after a 2 1/2 years from start to finish, so we are definitely looking for a long term player.

    We normally play on Saturdays, but we can do Sundays as well. We normally start at 6PM CST and play until about midnight when playing on Sunday. We use Skype for chat. We were looking to play twice a month, maybe three times a month. Seeing how you are new to FG there is a bit of a learning curve to the effects system, but we've got that all worked out and the syntax for coding things well in hand, so we can get you on your feet quickly.

    A little about us, we are an older group. I'm the youngest at 45, but we don't care how old you are. If you like to have fun then you are for us. We like both roleplaying and combat. This campaign will start out a bit heavier on the roleplay, due to the nature of the campaign, but things will heat up as things move along. We are a pretty by the book kinda group. I've personally been gaming since 1988 and I'm not even sure when the other guys started. I started with Pathfinder when it was first released and been GMing it for the past 5 or so years. I've also been running Call of Cthulhu for my boys for a few years. I've GMed off and on many times over the past 30+ years. I've played in many different systems so have a lot of gaming experience. Just some that I've played, All versions of D&D except 4th edition, Pathfinder, Star Wars D6 (all editions), Star Wars D20, Alternity (original edition), Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, Rifts, Dark Heresy, Mechwarrior, and a few of the World of Darkness games. I'm sure I'm missing at least a few and I've got tons more on the shelf that have never been played.

    So if that is all good with you, send me a private message and we can work out the details to play.

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