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    LFG 1 Player for Call of Cthulhu (MoN?), Starfinder (any AP),or D&D (Strahd)

    FG License: Ultimate.
    Time Zone: Central Time USA (-6 GMT).
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Ideally I would like to play weekly or every other week. During the week, I am free during the evening until midnight and on the weekends I am fairly flexible.
    Term: I would like to find a group for an ongoing, long-term campaign. Given the nature of CoC I understand our characters may not survive, but it's fun to try. If we play D&D or Starfinder, I definitely want to play a campaign.
    Voice: Discord is preferable.

    Game System Preferred: Call of Cthulhu 7E (pulp or original), Starfinder, or D&D 5E.
    Game System Experience: I have a couple months experience with each game system both as a GM and as a player.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: I have been using FG for about 3 months now as a player. I am not good with coding/creating automated systems, but I am able to navigate the menus, create characters, and essentially play the game.

    Character Type Preferred: I oftentimes find myself filling the role that the party is missing. I create my characters based on group composition (or lack thereof).
    About me: I am an adult gamer (early 30s) who goes to work and likes to game outside of work. I have been playing video games since elementary school and casually following tabletop games for just as long. I enjoy a mix of combat and roleplay--preferong to adopt a slightly different voice (no voice acting awards here) when talking in character. I can also work with "always in character" games as well and hate metagaming. I like rules and having a "realistic" game so long as it is fun, but when the rules imped the group's fun, I tend to lean towards bending rules. I also have no problem with foul language or dark topics (see CoC) but also enjoy having a good laugh with the group!

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    Ill play COC or DND if you DM lol I already DM and dont need the extra work load.

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    @03dumbdumb Sorry, I thought I titled the thread LFG 1 player... I have zero interest in being a DM for a campaign--which is what I'm looking to play.

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