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    LF 3-4 DM's I mean PC's - Wed 12-3pm (LMoP or WDH)

    FG License:Ultimate
    Game System:5e

    Time Zone:PST
    Day of week and time: Tuesday - 12pm - 3pm
    If new game, planned start date:Mid February
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly (or twice a month for the right group!)
    Term: Prewritten adventure at first - would love longer term

    Text or Voice:Voice
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? Nope

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Pre-written adventure is pretty good on a mix 50\50
    Number of Players in game & needed: 3-4
    Character starting level & equipment: 1 - standard equipment
    Character restrictions: The two pre-written's I have are in a Faerun setting.

    Details of your scenario: Waterdeep Heist or Lost

    Attention forever DM's…. This post is for you.

    Are you always a DM and never a player? A DM based out of necessity? Maybe you are a DM from a previous edition that is wanting to dive into 5e as a player? If you fit the bill or something similar, I have an interesting proposition. I am a new DM - by new I mean that I have DM'ed a handful of one-shots with some friends and family. I am gathering the courage to take the next step and doing a pre-written adventure! I am looking for some current or past DM's that would accompany on my journey as a DM as our story’s brave adventurers! The only thing I require is to offer up some constructive advice where you can or occasionally weigh in on situations I may ask for advice in (out of game of course). Ping me in discord for a quick chat if you are interested. Below are the details of the campaign!

    I do want to say, this requirement of being a DM previously is not entirely selfish. I play with 2 HORRIBLY dedicated DM's that I have learned from over the past 2 years. They also act as mentors. They often complain that they never get to play and its few and far between that they are making a character for themselves to play. I am trying to reach those grinders, doing the dnd gods work for the PC's of the world!

    Link to Discord page: https://discord.gg/6xpE79J
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    Your time of week does not work for me, but my completely unsolicited advice is you may benefit quite a bit from alternating weeks with a more experienced DM each running their own campaign. In other words they run whatever they want one week then next week you run a session of the module you want to run, the only difference in PCs is that you play in other DM's campaign and they play in yours and other members of the group can play a different character (as a DM and player, I almost always have two or more character idea that i WANT to play at any given moment) in each campaign. Not only would alternating games let you 'ease' into DMing (not having to prep a session a week, which isn't actually that hard anyway but less pressure does tend to help), you would also be able to experience another DM's style and if they are willing you may be able to talk with them outside of sessions about their prep and ask for advice/suggestions if/when you feel you need them.

    As a side note, if you would consider moving game times to Sundays, I may (no guarantees at this point) be able to be the alternating DM. I would run a home brew game in a world of my own creation, so no worries about me wanting to run the same adventure as you. Regardless, best of luck and DMing isn't nearly as hard as it seems. For online reference, check out Matt Colvilles's youtube channel for his "running the game" videos and his "welcome to dungeons and dragons" video if you may have brand new players. Finally, feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions, I am moderately experienced with FG and very comfortable with running 5e games in general.

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    Thanks @Dealbreaker - All of this advice is welcomed. That idea of alternating DM's is brilliant for all the reasons explained. You also pointed out something I was having a worry about and may talk to people about changing. If unable to find a co-DM, I could move to every other week games for similar results on my nerves. I have watched MC's stuff - finished a few months ago. All if it was great and although his examples were homebrewed they all work with pre-written adventure stuff.

    I wish I could move the game to Sunday - with small children, that weekend time is spent with those nutbags

    I sincerely appreciate your offer and very well might take you up on your offer for advice. Also - If you are looking for another player in any of your games, you sound like just the person to learn from!

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    WE have two potential players - LF one or two more!

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    Just an update - We are only looking for 1 more player\DM!

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    Hello, I am interested in your campaign! Been a DM for 3 years and a player occasionally.
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    The group made a slight adjustment towards a Tuesday game! Post edited accordingly - apologies for any confusion.

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