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The ability to kick has been implemented. Right click on the character portrait. There is a little boot there
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Also, in FGU, you can use the following chat commands:
* /info - Get a list of server info and all connected users.
* /kick - Get a list of all connected users
* /kick <username> - Kick the specific user

Yea I usually kick players via this method LE if I have them disconnect. But the issue is if the player doesn't pick up their sheet, so you don't have a portrait to rightclick. I've had players connect, not have a char sheet, lose connection, and not be able to get back in and my only recourse, cause I can't right click to kick, is wait or re-open the server.

Thanks for the list of commands tho, that helps.
It would be cool if this could be implemented as accessible via UI/a window of connections/other methods tho re: userlist/kicking. I know I had other DMs run into the same issue who are new to FG and would not know about how to deal with the issue or know about /slash commands.