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    LFP: Starfinder (Signal of Screams book 2) Saturday 1/2 PM UTC

    Due to multiple players having to drop out due to scheduling conflicts, we are looking for around 2 regular players as well as potentially 1-2 guest players for our campaign.

    Please note that due to the smaller pool of Starfinder players, scheduling games with enough players has been a bit of a pain the last few months, so if there are not enough (reliable) people interested, I may have to switch the AP or the system.

    What are guest players?

    Guest players get notified that there is a spot available a few days in advance (usually 3, more if there is advance notice from the regular players). They can then sign on for this particular session. If other players have to cancel on short notice, sometimes spots might also open up shortly before the game. Alternatively, guest players can also express interest for participating on specific dates and we'll try to fit them in if there's a spot available. Should a regular spot become available, alumni (previous regular players) and guest players will be given preferred consideration (previous attendance will be considered when deciding on how to fill the spot).

    To clarify: Guest players are not guaranteed a spot every week! While it is possible to become a regular player later on, there is no guarantee.

    Be aware that Signal of Screams is a horror AP.

    Game details:

    FG License: GM has Ultimate

    Game System: Starfinder

    Time Zone: UTC+1 (sessions will take place on the weekend though to accommodate more timezones)

    Day of week and time: Usually Saturday afternoon 1/2 PM UTC

    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3+ hours, weekly (with some exceptions in case of holidays etc.)

    Term: Long term (should we have enough reliable players - we've already played through Dead Suns and Against the Aeon Throne)

    Text or Voice: Voice

    Voice software used: Usually Teamspeak, Discord is a back-up

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Usually we aim for a mix of both (though be aware that some parts are more heavy on RP, some more on combat)

    Number of Players in game & needed: Currently we're still figuring out how many current players can still attend the game but most likely we are looking for around 2 regular players as well as 1-2 guest players.

    Character starting level & equipment: The other characters will be level 9 shortly (45,000 starting credits, purchases of more than 40% of the PC's wealth or purchases with an item level PC's level +2 or higher should be discussed with the GM). Lower levels are of course also possible.

    Character restrictions: Core and legacy races, themes from the CRB or Pact Worlds, neutral or good alignments and characters capable of being part of a team shouldn't be a problem. Alien Archive races, Pact Worlds races and other official races are possible as long as they are reasonable, everything else should be discussed on an individual basis. Note that there is no Character Operations Manual on FG yet, so if you are interested in those classes you would have to be willing to build the character yourself.

    Character background: At least temporarily, your character most likely is not having the time of its life due to being afflicted by a disease (though feel free to still be happy-go-lucky nonetheless). I'm intentionally keeping the description vague to avoid spoilers for book 1, if you are willing to be told more spoilers feel free to contact me.

    Details of your scenario: Signal of Screams, The Diaspora Strain (2nd book). Please note this is a horror AP!

    Infected with a sickness that threatens to turn them into twisted sadists, the heroes travel to the city of Cuvacara on the planet Verces to find the possible origin of their affliction! They soon discover that a sinister company [has a nefarious plan].

    Current party composition: One operative and maybe one envoy/soldier remaining.

    Campaign management: Partly Fantasy Grounds, partly Obsidian Portal.

    Requirements: You should have FG (free demo version), Teamspeak and Discord installed, a free Obsidian Portal account, a decent headset and push-to-talk configured. As it is higher level game, some experience with SF is highly recommended (can be substituted with 5e/PF knowledge though), FG newcomers are welcome.

    Expectations: You (and your character) should be able to be part of a team. Conflict between characters is fine as long as everyone agrees to it. Don't be disruptive to the game and don't disrespect the other players (including the GM). Once you agree to attend a session, short term cancellations should be avoided if possible. There are of course times when important real-life issues interfere but if do know that you'll likely not be able to make it, please give another player the chance to attend.

    How to apply: Either write me a PM or reply here, including
    * whether you are interested in a spot as a regular player or a guest player (if you want to be a regular player make sure that you can actually attend regularly)
    * your UTC offset so I can be somewhat sure you know when the game starts
    * a sentence about yourself and your idea for a character background (one short paragraph that consists of more than a description of your class and race, if possible including their greatest fear(s))
    * any other questions/comments/...

    If you already know the plot of the later books of Signal of Screams be sure to mention that. As long as you can separate player knowledge and character knowledge it would still be fine, though. I might ask you to let the other players take the lead on discussions you know the optimum solution of however.

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    Hi Stephan, are you still looking for players ?

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    sorry I meant to get back to you this weekend but things got a little chaotic on my end. I have managed to come up with a few characters , a Vesk mercenary soldier, a Ysoki spacefarer technomancer. an android priest mystic, a Kasatha ace pilot mechanic, and a Shirren xenoseeker Soldier (Phrenic Adept). I tend to look at the party composition and develop a character to fill in the gaps . I am already set up with discord , but I am not familiar with teamspeak . My time zone is eastern US so a 1:00 game for you is 7 am for me with is actually a good thing as long as it is a Saturday. I have never played Starfinder but looking at it on Herolab and the Archives of Nethys the flavor is a lot like Shadowrun but in space and the mechanics are like D&D5 and PF2. I am interested in a regular spot and I tend to be reliable so let me know if you are interested

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    I would love to be a guest player. I figure joining a game this way would immerse me without the need to be here all the time. Will you be supplying the npc for these occasions?

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    Sure, guest players we can have several (as long as you don't mind the spoilers). Sending PM.

    I can have some NPCs prepared but probably only a handful (so not one of every class).

    Anyone else interested: Feel free to still apply but any other applications will likely be currently waitlisted.

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