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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuirgin View Post
    I have seen an "announcement" tag in the XML for some addons. It looks like what this does is provide a way for the content creator to "advertise" to the chat window the product name, creator name, and other info. Logos can be included. My intention was to strip all of this out of my extensions and modules. I don't have a logo, and don't care about flashing my extension or module names, etc. My question was whether it's bad behavior to strip out the annoucement message.

    The logos folder you mention had already been removed, but what I hadn't removed was a reference to it. That's gone now. There's a new *.ext attached to the top post which should be clean now.
    Oh, now I understand what you mean. I'm not familiar with good form, but I figure that announcement tags are good for clarifying what version of your extension is loaded. That way users don't have to unpack your extension to figure out if they should upgrade it or not - they can just load it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuirgin View Post
    There's no reference to rulesets in the fonts extension—I'm guessing you're suggesting this for my modification to the Simple Gray theme I mentioned? If so, my hesitation is that I simply don't know what would be required to support "any" ruleset or how graceful failure would be if needed support is missing or somehow erroneous. I've had FG for less than 2 weeks, so I'm very much in the mode of scratching personal itches without having much familiarity with the underlying API.

    The original Simple Gray theme lists the following rulesets:
    • CoreRPG
    • 2E
    • 3.5E
    • 4E
    • 5E
    • PFRPG
    • SFRPG
    • Castles and Crusades
    • CallOfCthulhu
    • CallOfCthulhu7E
    • d20 Modern
    • Fate Core
    • Numenera
    • 13th_Age
    • SavageWorlds
    • SWD

    I added DCC RPG to that. If replacing all of that with "Any" ruleset is safe, I'll go ahead and do that.

    Thanks for the advice!
    That is "generally" considered "bad form" to list a crapload of rulesets unless there is a very specific reason to do so. For official DLC, SmiteWorks doesn't want us listing any more than two rulesets, for example. Mind you, you're fine doing it this way but it just means you have to update every time a new ruleset comes out or you find one you didn't know about. Just sticking a single line with Any solves that (as does omitting the ruleset line altogether, I just personally like to have it there so I can see that it was something I considered when looking at the code later) and since this is just a font swap that could benefit everyone regardless of ruleset, I'd say the KISS principle would apply to cut down the amount of effort you have to do.

    Also, regarding the announcement, bare minimum at least put some acknowledgment that Noto Sans Font Extention v1.x is loaded. When doing tech support/troubleshooting for users, one of the first things we have to ask is "what extensions do you have loaded?" so having that in the chat makes it easy for the users to answer that.

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    Thank you to Talyn and MooCow for your explanations. I'll get a versioning comment added in and will clean up that rulesets list in my version of the theme.

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    I'd recommend using the announcement for version tracking and also to include a Smiteworks copyright notice if you've used any of the base SmiteWorks code. For example, from the CoreRPG ruleset:

    <announcement text="CoreRPG ruleset v3.3.9 for Fantasy Grounds\rCopyright 2019 Smiteworks USA, LLC" font="emotefont" icon="rulesetlogo_CoreRPG" />
    You don't have to use an icon.
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    Thank you, Trenloe, for linking to the refdoc. So far I've been making my fast and furious changes based on existing work without slowing down to find the relevant docs, yet. This will help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooCow View Post
    What's the difference between using "<ruleset>Any</ruleset>" and just omitting the ruleset tag altogether? It seems to work just fine without that tag, so I figured that it was just a restriction.
    Yes you can omit the tag completely for the same result.

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    I would also think that the announcement might be a good place to put that the font is used under license from (licensor).

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