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    Alright, with that 2 spots still open.

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    the Doctor is in (level 4 envoy)

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    For a moment, I was thinking it was Acts of Association. Anyway - signed up in the 6th spot! Looks like Dyzx will hit level 4.
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    As a reminder about quests:

    Aside from personal boons no boons can be slotted.

    You get a full rest in-between.

    The amount of rewards you get depends on how many quests you complete (1-5).

    The quests are decent (some of them would make good scenarios) though if we want to keep it contained to 4 to 4 1/2 hours that unfortunately does not leave too much time for each individual quest.

    I'll have a look at how stable the Starship Combat extension is and decide then whether to activate it for the whole game or only the one quest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizinamo View Post
    I would like to play with Mayakeshmiyutra "Maya", my vesk soldier (2361203-701, Exo-Guardians).

    She's currently level 3 but I plan to play her offline on Sat 4 January and if all goes well, she will level up to level 4 (gain her 9th experience point) that day. Can I send you her chronicle sheet on Sunday morning?
    Okay, here is Maya's most recent chronicle sheet.

    I've also finished levelling her up. Please let me know when the server is up so that I can build her on FG. Thanks!
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    As I underestimated the impact of the bushfires on Australian players I can have the server up now. New FG alias in the game calendar.

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    Any strong feelings on using the Starship Combat extension?

    I have not encountered any crashes so far but it is still an experimental feature (though highly useful).

    Alternatively, I can restart the server to enable this extension for the relevant quest but that does take a bit of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephan_ View Post
    Any strong feelings on using the Starship Combat extension?
    I have no experience with it and thus no opinion on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizinamo View Post
    here is Maya's most recent chronicle sheet.
    By the way -- Maya has been championing the Exo-Guardians as a soldier, but she's currently on a re-training course to be an operative and has decided to champion the Acquisitives at least for now. (She bought the faction admittance boon after her most recent adventure.)

    Please bear that in mind when filling out my chronicle for this upcoming adventure. Thanks!

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