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    How do you resize window with Mutants and Mastermind theme?

    How do you resize window with Mutants and Mastermind theme? No matter where I move the mouse it never changes to the resize mouse pointer. And dragging on different parts of the windows has no effect. Farther, I can't seem to move the chat window. If you cant customize your desktop in this theme, is there a way to change it to one that will let you change it?

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    You can hold the Control key while dragging within the window frame.


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    Thanks guys for your replies. Control does work for all but the chat window with the Mutants and Masterminds theme. Is there a way to lock/unlock the chat window?

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    No, the chat window is not resizeable in this ruleset. It’s an older implementation.


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    Oh, never mind. He was talking about the chat window in the newer posts. I wouldn't know how to resize that - only normal windows.

    Hold on. If it's allowed to modify rulesets, try this:
    - Rename the ruleset extension to .zip.
    - Find the file "campaign/record_char.xml" or similar, that houses the character sheet's basic controls.
    - Find the line "</sheetdata>" toward the end of the code.
    - Right before that line, add "<resize_charsheet />".

    It should add a small resize widget at the bottom right of the sheet.
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