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    Looking for more for possible 1 shot tonight

    If I get 4-5 players (2 players locked; 2-3 slots remaining) I can host a 1 shot (70/30 combat rp) level 10 no multi-class no homebrew. No duplicates in race or class (first come first serve). Fantasy grounds. 4-6 hours Depending on players 5e
    Voice: Discord (Mics Required)
    Difficulty: Players will vote on (easy, difficult, and extreme)
    I do have ultimate please understand the basics of fantasy ground before replying due to the fact that I will not have time to teach the user interface
    Time: 5-6 pm CST if we collect enough players

    Need 1 more player to fire. Still need dedicated healer. (4:57 pm CST)

    Do not reply here I will not be checking it. If you are interested feel free to message me on discord Ducktales#4537

    Current Locked Classes/Races
    Dragonborn Barb
    Dwarf Paladin
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