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    Okay, here you go. Link to the .pak has been posted in the first post of this thread. Enjoy! =)

    I noticed just now, that I completely forgot to make the NPC sheets. Hopefully that won't be a problem for now. (I haven't even seen a full NPC sheet yet, so I don't even know what they look like besides a sort of damage move list.)

    Since this is a beta, if you are missing anything, if there are any errors, or if you have any wishes (even if it involves a single pixel or shade of color) I'd like to know. Please test it as soon as possible, in case there are any critical bugs that needs to be fixed before you can play.

    A global modification table for wounds, should be easy to make. Just note down what degree of wounds/stability a character has, consult it in the list, and drag it to the bottom-left modification box, along with the attribute modification. That should do it.

    For a less medieval-looking skin, I recommend the default Simple themes. I'm working on my own discrete theme, but it's not finished yet.
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    I have to say that the Kult system really lends itself to making tables: You can easily make a table for every attribute roll, and then in "Notes" detail what a Complete Success, Success with Complications and Failure entails. For likely copyright reasons I cannot include these tables in my ruleset, but you're likely free to create such tables for personal use on your end. It would save you a lot of time from having to consult the rulebook.
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