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    Is there a good overview of Layers and how to use them?

    I went looking for a overview of the new Layers and can't seem to find one.

    I have some existing maps and I want to add background (in this case literally ground) without having it obscure the existing map work.

    Is there a way to get a layer to "be under" of the existing layers?

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    I've done very little with FGU so I don't know. But have you looked at the FGU wiki stickied at the top of this forum? A search for layer gave me this page, which might help; https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...ages+as+the+GM

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    You would need to create a new map then create the background by selecting a background image and then add your map over that. (I think) You won’t be able to edit an existing map unless it was created in FG.
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    I have read the Wiki, but is still so new there is a lot not yet covered.

    Making a new image with a background and adding my map on top of that sounds promising, if all my LOS work stays intact.

    I will give it a try. Thanks for the rapid reply folks.

    Will Pierce

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    It's not an overview on layers, but here's a video of me playing with the layers. And yea, if within the same image you can save LOS setting for duplicates. In the video the other ship is a copy and paste horizontally inverted ship. Video is not in english, but you can see some of the layer's uses.

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