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    Missing capitalized "I"s

    The capital I characters are missing from Hellknight Hill, but only in the Unity version - probably some sort of control character that needs to be corrected, and is probably more widespread.

    Attached image shows Unity version on the left, classic on the right.
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    Not only that, at least for me I have an "ntelligence" attribute, instead of Intelligente in the main sheet.

    And if I may add, the "action" symbols are all wrong (Marked in red in the attachment, it should be the PF2 Actions Symbols). And many letters are swapped. In this picture, is showing as , is showing as . Any latin letter is showing as a different letter than it was supposed to be showing.
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    Yeah, as I have been working through a character creation, it's missing in a lot of places there - for example, all of the "I"s in the Barbarian Instincts are missing. So, not limited to just the adventure, seems to be the Core Rulebook as well.

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    This is all within FGU.

    I am seeing entries that start with a capital letter "I" where the "I" is missing in the Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide and the Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide - Player Guide. If an item starts with a lower case letter "i" it is there. Such as in the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rules under the "mages" (should be Images) section all the names are lower case and the starting letter is visible. I have also noted words that are in all capital letters that contain a capital letter "I" and the "I" is missing there as well.

    It is quite odd. I thought I was seeing a bunch of misspellings but then I found this thread.
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    Sounds to me like a font definition problem But I'm sure it will make sense to Moon Wizard.

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    Thanks for reporting. I've filed as FGU-812.


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    Just pushed a new build of FGU DLC with an updated font for both CoreRPG and PFRPG2. Can you guys check again after running an update to see if you still the issue?


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    Everything seems to be working !00% fine for me.

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