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    Just a quick question. Is it possible to import large amounts or even small amounts of UWP data from say CSV extracts, laid out similar to Travellermap data, or is it a matter of entering each system one by one?

    I'm about to grab the Traveller Ruleset, but was looking to primarily use it for my own Universe.

    Cheers in advance
    In my case I wrote a program that converted the data from a personal dataset into xml formatted information and then just cut and paste my xml into the db.xml campaign file in the worlds entry and then export the sectors as modules within FG. The author of the ruleset has since written a method which extracts data from travellermaps, I've not used it but more info can be found here:

    MBM is a pretty cool and helpful guy, if it can't import what you've got he might be able to figure out how to do it. He's pretty busy so it might take a little time.

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    This has been tested and continues to function with MGT2 v1.1.4

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