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    LFG 1 Player LF 5E Game Weekend, Wed eve preferred CST (GMT-6)

    FG License- Standard
    Central Time Zone (Minneapolis) GMT-6
    Seeking a weekly game- I'd prefer a weekend afternoon/evening, though Wednesday evening may open up in a few weeks.
    Looking first for a good group chemistry, solid rapport with gm- then would want longer term game
    I can certainly voice chat for gaming- currently use Discord server.

    Looking for a D&D 5E game- have been getting back into TTRPG (have been playing for the last three months weekly) after a long hiatus (played a LOT of 1E back in the day).

    I just joined Fantasy Grounds (this is my first post), so I will have a learning curve for this UI.

    I am open as to type of character to play- depends a bit on the world/campaign/party needs.

    Who I am: 50+ yrs, looking for that immersion type gaming experience I just can't seem to find with MMORPG, or Skyrim. I used to play (shamefully long binge sessions at times) back in the 1E times- usually campaigns with a fair amount of homebrew content. I am probably more comfortable with a good blend of roleplay and combat than relying heavily on one or the other. This all should be fun- right?

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    If you find a group, let me know! I'm def down and those times work for me.

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    Hi Curmudgeon,

    If your Wednesdays open up, you might be a good fit for our group. We're looking to build a story-driven group for two campaigns. We will play 6 PM Central on Wednesdays. Have a look at our thread: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...r-and-Homebrew

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