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    LFG - EU player - Weds/Thurs GMT - D&D 5e

    LFG 1 Player, Monday and/or Thurs Evenings. EU GMT Time Zone. D&D 5E

    FG License: Ultimate
    Time Zone: GMT
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: 18.30 GMT onwards. Monday, and/or Thursday. Can't edit post title but I am only looking for games on Monday and Thursday evenings GMT
    Term: Long term
    Voice: Discord preferable

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5E
    Game System Experience: D&D 5E
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Pretty familiar with FG, I currently DM a home-brew and play in other long term campaigns.

    Character Type Preferred: I've played most types of characters in my time from pure healers to getting stuck in your face fighters.
    About me: I'm a young 50 from England, played AD&D when it was current but took a long hiatus until getting back into 5e & FG just over two years ago. I'd like to think the people I've played with in the past would not have any negative comments about my play-style and I believe in letting the game flow.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Our group is just starting up a 5E game playing on wednesdays european time if you are interested.

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    I've sent you a PM

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