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    PF2RPG No Visable Text

    I booted up FGU today to make an NPC for Pathfinder 2. I updated to most recent version and found that text is invisible on my
    -character sheets

    If there is a field with invisible text in it, dragging from the field makes the text appear and follows my mouse, but the field I dragged from remains blank
    I made a new PF2RPG campaign and the problem persisted.
    I checked the D&D5E sample campaign and all text is visible.
    Windows 10
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    Same here.

    Mouse over text is there any other time invisible

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    Mouse-Over tooltip text still shows up.

    Looking at class descriptions the text appears deleted rather than invisible
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    This is the same for me.

    PFRPG2 Missing Text.png
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    I'm guessing that there's an issue with the TTF fonts provided for PFRPG2. I've filed as FGU-798, and asked Carl to look at.


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    I wonder as well if the same text/font issue is similar to the issues with the official Pathfinder theme, as the headers are in a stylized font (also not visible). The internal text seems OK, because those are the same as the standard FG fonts. But the stylized fonts seem to either vanish or become muddied if they aren't graphic elements.

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