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    Fantasy Grounds Hex Grid not snapping tokens correctly

    Hey, it seems that when I set a hex grid on my map, it does not allow tokens to set on it correctly. I saw this thread (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ke-Square-Grid) with the advice to use even number pixels for the hexes. It works, but I need 25 to fit the current grid pattern set by the module I have installed, so I'm not sure I can change the image resolution or anything.

    Basically, I'm wondering why this problem even exists?

    Grid set at 25 px Hex:

    Grid set at 24 px Hex:

    You can see that it is off on the grid at 25, but not at 24. I need it to work at 25 so that travel times on this map are represented accurately. Plus I think the 25 px hex looks more even.

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    You can try resizing your image in an image editing program, such as Paint or Photoshop in order to get the map to be able to use an even sized hex count.


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    Ok, I figured out how to get the image into paint, but what resolution would I need to make it to be compatible with an even hex grid while maintaining an accurate distance for the grid to represent? 25 px hex is more accurate as of now. Should I decrease the resolution? I'm not sure.

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    So what is the current image size? Divide that by 25 then multiple by 24, or just multiple the size by .96 (96%). then when you place the grid use 24 pixel hex. (Make a copy of the image, keep the original image just in case something happens.)

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    Thanks! This isn't perfect, but it's close enough.

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