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    ERROR While downloading.

    I just bought Eberron Module from the Fantasy Grounds website. It said I need to update but I was having problems updating before so I thought reinstalling would fix it. But I just keep getting Error-GetpackageFiles:Network:time out. After the updating modules/DD MM monster manual.mod.

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    Welcome to the forums, sorry you are having problems.

    Don't reinstall, but continue to try to Update a couple of time to see if it works. Also, you can go into your vault and delete the modules that failed to download completely and then re-run the Update.

    If that works to some extent, then it is probably flood protection on your router than is keeping you from completely downloading the files. You can also check out your security software, make sure nothing is being quarantined and that you have no warnings.

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    Would You Know that Vault the DD MM Monster Manual.mod would be in I can only guess the 5e one but just to be sure.

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    most vault items uses the product codes that can be found in the store or order history

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