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    Overall, that would be an acceptable character. However, 1st Edition didn’t include multiattack without weapon specialization (and even then, only in expansions), which is restricted to core fighters.
    Also, non-weapon proficiencies weren’t introduced (to my knowledge) until 2nd Edition, leaving only the Secondary Skills option. This, however, I will allow you to choose, instead of rolling on the skills table.
    Just because I spend to much time in AD&D

    The 1E PHB shows multi-attacks per round by level on page 25 (not specialization). FIGHTERS’, PALADINS’, & RANGERS’ ATTACKS
    . The UA included a version that did include specialist attacks per round.

    Non-weapon profs showed up in OA, DSG and WSG in 1e.
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    I'm still in need of a couple more players for those still interested. PM me for a Discord Invite. UA class/race options have now been added (though not spells).

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