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    For those watching, I've set up a game calendar. Go ahead and add your desired character to the Calendar. Then, when we have at least 4 players, I'll add preliminary dates for you to vote on.

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    applied as Cleric level 5 or any class thats needed to fill out the party

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    Letting everyone know, this campaign is still on, as soon as I can find some more players. So far, I have 2 confirmed.

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    I have no experience with any edition before 3rd
    I poured over 2 different editions of PHB's , a 600 page 2e book, and a 140 page AD&D book, And Have a limited understanding of some things
    I used a website to generate a character, Krolm; Half-Orc Fighter

    Are you willing to tolerate my incompetence, Are you willing to allow me to play?

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    It is true that AD&D had a much more complicated rolling system than later editions. However, as the player, you don’t really meed to know any of it. Pretty much anything you need and any advancement to your character is coded, and can be checked with a simple click.

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    I still need 2-4 more players. We have a Fighter, Rogue and Cleric.

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