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    5e Chat in character languages questions - can not get it to work


    I am new to FG but really am enjoying the program. I can't seem to get languages to show up in the chat (wanting to speak Elvish to only those who understand Elvish on their character sheet).

    What is the command used to make this happen? I tried /lang [language] text but it does not work.

    I've searched the threads but most of the language entries are about making FG into other languages around the world.
    I know the languages have to match on the Character Sheet as they are in the 'Languages' box on setup.
    I've watched a lot of YouTube videos but they are older and the User Interface is different than the current version. What they suggest doesn't work.
    I know I have to select the NPC dialogue bar, allowing me to switch from GM to the NPC players are interacting with.

    In addition, is there an updated list of commands I can use for ingame?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    - Faith, Steel and Gunpowder.

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    There is a pull down to set the language you want to "chat" in.
    Screen Shot 12-04-19 at 08.14 PM.PNG

    If you are creating chat text in a story entry you can set the speaker after it is set to chat text by right clicking and selecting set speaker.

    If you are using any extensions, they might interfere with either of these capabilities.

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    That worked. Thank you LordEntrails. May the dice always roll in your favour!
    - Faith, Steel and Gunpowder.

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