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    LF Dedicated healer for ongoing Sunday night campaign 5E

    Title says pretty much all of it. Descent into Avernus, group is about 1/2 through chapter 1.

    You would start at lvl 3 and pick up with the group.

    Pretty good group of people most of us first time playing but we try to keep things interesting.

    Request player RP's via our discord channel as everyone likes to roleplay their characters in different situations.


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    Time and time zone, please?
    Link or invite to your Discord server?

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    Spot is pending. I will let people know if opens back up. Minty I will DM you my Discord name to friend me and get you on the discord server. Currently there are 2 games going on that server. Thanks!

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    Player that was going to take spot passed so open back up. We are going this Sunday with or without new healer so hit me up. Thanks.

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    I'm in interested in joining your group. I like to role play my characters. I can play a healer for the group. I have been playing for many years now, but first time playing on FG.

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    Hey, if you still need a player, I am very interested in joining

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    Hey - Also interested if you have a spot still open! Just looking for timezone

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    Yeah I had pmd you with the first listing. I would be interested depending on the time. I had thought a human variant life cleric with a couple Druid spells including good berry could be an interesting healer.

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