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    Quote Originally Posted by HoloGnome View Post
    Sure - I understand that people are busy. I am just putting stuff out there so that you can capture all the feedback, since there is no public-facing bug database (a long-standing issue).

    That being said, as above, I have provided a basic code snippet to try to help resolve the (simple) Current HP/SP issue and there's no reason for RP Max to be locked, although I didn't try a long rest as a workaround.

    I think the best solution may be to simply provide a lock or magnifying glass UI element. For users who want to edit, they can unlock. Otherwise, they can live with the automation. Personally, I prefer the ability to directly edit when building characters, where there isn't really any editing of Max values after handing the sheet off to a GM for a game.

    It's important that things like MaxSP work in real time with manual editing, because if the player has an in-game CON change, they may need to edit the Max value.
    HPMax/SPMax was not triggering a update, That has been fixed so when you change the Max, Current will update.

    RP Max is a Calculated field which is why its locked, it would do no good to unlock it as if it was manually changed the next full rest would re-calulate it and your change would be gone.
    RP Mod was not triggering the update. [Fixed] It will now update MaxRP when the value is changed.

    Next is not New it already works.
    MaxSP with CON Change, There is no need for them to have to change the MaxSP when they take CON damage. If you apply damage to the Dmg field in CON, every 2 point of Dmg will automatically adjust the MaxSP.
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    >HPMax/SPMax was not triggering a update, That has been fixed so when you change the Max, Current will update.


    It should probably update on stat change when change dstat = primary stat. Will that work now?


    If a player gets a CON boost (not damage), I guess you could use negative damage to mod the MaxSP. A little unintuitive, but it works. Ah, never mind, the Bonus field will boost the MaxSP. Good!

    Thanks for looking into these issues.

    I saw that garbled effect text again, but did not find the reproducible case yet. However, it's still there. I'll post when I figure it out.
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