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    Into The Darklands

    System: Pathfinder 1st Edition.
    Communications: Discord
    Build: 25 pt
    Day: Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.
    Time: Morning or evening
    Adventure Path: Alternate Rise of the Rune Lord
    Players: Four players max.
    Warning: I'm not an easy GM. Your build is going to be very important to your survival.
    Story! That's right my difficult combat is reinforced with decent RP.

    Game Calendar
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    I'm interested. Have played some pathfinder and want to get back into it.

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    Pm sent. Just need hours played etc

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    I'm new here but veteran RPr, would like to play.

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    I sent a PM, very interested in this campaign.

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    Interested if you do any night but Monday. Very experienced with PF1. PMing

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    Update: Mondays at 7:30pm central. Still looking for one more player.

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    Had a few No call no show; day one. . . Still looking: Please be capable.

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    We have an alchemist. A skald barbarian rogue. And a frontliner warrior. So buffs and tank and rogue type characters are filled. A divine class or spellcaster would be good

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    looking for a 4th and ideally a 5th still.

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