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    Millions of sqaure feet of battlemaps - all free

    Hi folks. I thought I'd post this here - I have millions of square feet of battlemaps waitign for you to download and use.
    There are also 2 sets of one million square feet of maps, all interconnected, and one giants set 2.25 million square feet in size. There are also soem smaller sets on there, for you to play within.

    Here's the link to my gallery:
    If you'd like to suoort me here's my Ko-Fi link:

    Please be aware, all of this stuff is free; there's no pay wall, you get nothing extra for any payment you make. I do this for love of our RPG community.


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    Interesting and broad series of choices Zatnikotel... will have to look through in more detail. Question, as others may find it useful too, do you do requests?

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    Thank you. Yes, I do requests, at times. I usually announce when requests are open at certain times on my various social media platforms. I also take ideas, which i suppose are similar, and if I like them a lot I'll run with them on my list of things to do. I also take commissions, but that's a whole different (paid) ball game.

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