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    custom chat box display

    I am creating a ruleset for Chill using D20 instead of D100.

    The character sheet is almost done but I have a question concerning the display of the result of a roll dice in the chat box.

    In chill, the result of a roll dice is either
    Failed (rolled above your skill total)
    critic (10 %)
    good (10 to 50 %)
    average (50 to 90 %)
    bad (90 to 100 %)
    always critic with a roll of 1
    always Failed with a roll of 20

    I would like to be able to add a box by the modifier box called 'skill total'
    so the user grabs his skill total on the 'skill total' box, adds the situation modifiers (given by the DM with a die commande), rolls the dice and get a display on the chat box like

    ? <roll> / <skill total> + modifier <Failed/critic/good/average/bad>
    ? <roll> / <skill total> + modifier

    At the moment, the best I can get is:
    grab the skill total of the character sheet onto the modifier box, roll the dice an get a display like

    ? <roll> + <skill total>

    Is there any way off getting what I am looking for?

    PS : sorry for my poor english (english is not my first language)

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    Not with the current version. In 2.0 with just a bit of LUA scripting you would be able to do this.

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    thanks for your answer.
    Any idea on when this release whill be available?

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    I'm guessing FG 2.0 will release around the start of the next year - just a guess though.

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