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    Sorry, ran a game until now.

    With that the last spot filled.

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    The server is up.

    If you need me, just type in the chat window.

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    Thanks, Stephan! That was a close one!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HoloGnome View Post
    Thanks, Stephan! That was a close one!!
    I think stephan has been looking for player blood of late- last week could have been a tpk too!

    Blood for the blood god!

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    Considering the way the rolls have been going (except in the last fight, which saved the party's bacon) I would advise the players to simply roll better.

    And yeah, there was a reason I designated this scenario at FG Con (even though it didn't go through) specifically for experienced players, not for new players. Even then, it can get ugly pretty quickly.

    It will be nice to get a more leisurely one next however (even though there are not too many unplayed scenarios left).

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