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    Question about extra effects

    I see there are several threads already about effects, and I have learned much from them. But there is one thing that still eludes me.

    In some of the stances usable in 3.5e there are those that do things such as +1d6 damage on a successful hit. I've not been able to find out how to include that as an effect. Is there a means for this I am missing?

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    just set "DMG: 1d6" as an effect and it wil automatically add +1d6 to your damage roll

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    I tried that, it did not work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keltyrr View Post
    I tried that, it did not work.
    Effects only apply when the damage is actually rolled.

    If the effect DMG: 1d6 is on the creature in the Combat Tracker (CT) that is rolling damage and when you roll damage it doesn't add 1d6 to the damage roll, then please post a screenshot showing the CT with the effect, the damage entry for the creature rolling the damage and the chat window showing the damage roll. This will help is investigate your issue.
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