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    Tiles in Images and maps not visible

    G'day there.
    Running 4E with latest FGU Update.
    I have an imported tile set in assets.
    The tiles used in this map add up to about 1852 KB
    I build a map with LOS and it works fine. (Image 1)
    Image 1.png
    I export the campaign file as a mod.
    I open the mod in any other of my 4E campaigns.
    The image doesn't show all of the tiles, although the tiles are still listed on the right hand side.(See Image 2)
    Image 2.png

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    Can you load the .mod and the original campaign up on dropbox for us to check-out? Send it to [email protected] instead of posting it publicly since it probably contains protected content.

    Also, can you post a screenshot of your /export settings?

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    Responded in e-mail as well. Can you ZIP up the campaign folder into a single file, instead of linking individual files? Also, can you provide the links to [email protected] as a "shared link" without granting specific permission? That way, I can look at as well.


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    Thanks for following up with us on this one. I was able to finally track down the issue to non-campaign images (i.e. <FGU Data Folder>/images/) not being exported when creating modules. I'll get an update to this in the next build.


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