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    Geas: Broken Gods for 5e (Kickstarter)

    Launching in a matter of days, I present the preview campaign for the Fantasy Grounds compatible kickstarter, Geas: Broken Gods - featuring a vast new detailed world with dozens of vibrant tactical battle maps specially built for VTT, digital props, and tokens by Devin Night and myself - and a whole new world to explore for 3-6 Lvl 1-5 players for 5e DND.


    Requires a FG Classic standard or higher license to play, ultimate license if you intend to DM.

    broken gods kickstarter art 900 x.jpg
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    Hi - the Kickstarer campaign is now live - thanks for your support!

    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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    Thanks a lot Laerun, 38%, a tougher sell than I'd hoped for.
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    This first KS update really highlights the fantastic marriage of what I do and what Fantasy Grounds does when we combine our forces.

    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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    Kickstarter cancelled.
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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