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    ERROR Unknown ruleset name (13th_Age)

    [11/15/2019 7:26:12 PM] [NOTICE] Launcher scene starting.
    [11/15/2019 7:26:19 PM] [NOTICE] Daily session backup created.
    [11/15/2019 7:26:19 PM] [NOTICE] Requesting cloud server.
    [11/15/2019 7:26:23 PM] [NOTICE] Connected to game server.
    [11/15/2019 7:26:23 PM] [NOTICE] Launcher scene exiting.
    [11/15/2019 7:26:23 PM] [NOTICE] Tabletop scene starting.
    [11/15/2019 7:26:23 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] Unknown ruleset name (13th_Age)
    [11/15/2019 7:26:23 PM] [NOTICE] Tabletop scene exiting.
    [11/15/2019 7:26:23 PM] [NOTICE] Launcher scene starting.
    [11/15/2019 7:26:23 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] Lost connection to game server instance. Please return to launcher, and start game again.
    I'm guessing 13th Age might be a bit behind on the port to FGU?
    On FG, I'm:
    Running & Playing 13th Age
    Playing Pathfinder 2 Playtest

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    We are moving DLC over every week, but we are staging the releases so that we can absorb any issues as they arise without getting overloaded. Plus, it allows us to slowly build up our patch system for making sure that is working, as well as being able to spread out the work of loading up all the data.

    Currently, we have 222 products in the FGU patch system out of 1400 products in our catalog.


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