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    LFM Pathfinder 2 Thursday Night

    Game System: Pathfinder 2
    Day of Week and Time: Thursday 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. CST (UTC-6)
    Planned Duration and Frequency: Ongoing Campaign Longterm Weekly
    Text or Voice: Voice on Discord
    Software: Fantasy Grounds (Free Demo or higher license), Discord for voice, Syrinscape
    Campaign Name: Crafting a Future
    RP / Combat Mix: 60/40
    Number of Players needed: 2-3 more
    Character Level: 3

    Geography and Vigilance have helped to keep the Republic of Katoushah safe these centuries, but new threats on the border and within the country have sprouted up seemingly overnight. Join our adventurers as they delve into the ancient Dwarven ruins of the Direlands to find artifacts of power, as they fulfill their newly formed contract as mercenaries for the mysterious academy of necromancy: the Bonetower, and as they uncover the secrets behind a new gnoll confederacy led by one calling himself Conduit to the Gods.

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    I'm very interested in this game. I'm new to P2E but have almost 20 years of D&D/tabletop experience. I'm very willing to commit to a standing game.

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    You still looking for players for this game? Been playing RPGs since '82. Newbie to Fantasy Grounds but have played for years on roll20 and Maptools.

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